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SD cannabis testing lab discusses industry's talk of COVID-19 testing

We're open to the possibility,” said David Winternheimer with Pacific Star Labs, a cannabis testing facility in Los Angeles. “I think- like everyone- we want to help out in this crisis,”...(Read More...)

April 11, 2020
ABC10 News San Diego

PSL Featured in Company Week

Co-founder and CEO David Winternheimer, PhD, is stepping beyond cannabis testing to help companies rise from fledgling startups to mature businesses. (Read More...)

April 10, 2020
Company Week

Cannabis Retailers Considered Essential: Safety Tips for Running Dispensaries During COVID19

The impact of COVID-19 on cannabis retail sales in the United States has been mixed with an episode of surge buying followed by lower sales at the end of March. The cannabis industry’s status as an essential business makes a difference. Safety tips for dispensary operators are provided.

April 8, 2020
Cannabis Industry Journal

Cannabis Scientists and Labs Can Help with National COVID-19 Research Volunteer Database

Cannabis scientists have skills that can help during this crisis. Cannabis labs even have instruments that can be used for COVID-19 testing. The National COVID-19 Research Volunteer Database, recently launched by Harvard Postdoc, Michael Wells, is encouraging US-based life sciences scientists to sign-up. (Read More...)

April 6, 2020
Cannabis Industry Journal

Coronavirus Guidelines for the Cannabis Industry

The WHO has declared the spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic. What can cannabis businesses do to help mitigate the spread of disease and help keep their communities safe? (Read More...)

March 15, 2020
Cannabis Industry Journal

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